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Empyreal Consulting specializes in providing data services, integrations, and analytical to structured and unstructured data for small to large enterprises. Its service sector also provides services from planning to architecturing to delivering to hand over of professional implementations according to the enterprise need. Empyreal follows its own derived methodology in implementing services.

Empyreal Consulting is a market leader in technology implementations for data and information managements. We have extended knowledge and experience in market leading big data and cloud products.

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Data Governance

Catching the governed data is a key to future implementations. If your firm don’t have a data governance team in place, we will walk you through implementing a data governance policies with policies and roles for each of your data entry points.

Key Performance Managements

Your data can hold the key to identifying your sales leaders. We will work with your team in queries results bases on key performances. We will provide dashboard views for management and team leaders to acknowledge and encourse such high performance talented individuals and teams. We will work with you to choose the right platform and walk with your team to identify the correct metrics to identify a performance indications.

Data Predictions

We can work with your data to identify your strength and weakness. Empyreum consulting will work with your data teams to query potential patters. From Standard database implementations to big data implementations, we have it all in-house. We can work with your data to identify patterns and provide possible upsell predications. You will not only save money for your enterprise, but also bring in new revenue based on our predictions from your past data.

Big Data Implementations

Big data is the new tool in tackling many revenue schema. Companies are sitting on massive data of their own. Many companies still have this data in tape-backups stored away at secured sites. We will work with your enterprise to make use of this large data sitting offsite or on site in your enterprise. Empyreal Consulting is expert and leaders in big data implementations. We can provide you platforms or can create your own platform for your enterprise to analyze your big data.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management is key to keeping golden record of entities. Wither it’scustoerm information or product information, you need one master record to benefit your organization. If you don’t leverage a master data management tool, you could be wasting money in selling your products to false customers. Contact our experts in finding out about master data management implementation to leverage leading tools and upsell to your golden customers.

Data Warehousing

Having the right data-warehouse platform is the key to catching the right data. Teams within your organization can be generating key data that can help cater the needs of co-teams. Contact us to identify all areas of your organization data, and to implement a data warehouse platform for your organization.