Empyreal Data was formed by a group of Carleton University Engineering Graduates. After graduation, each of us went on our own path to secure financial freedom. Upon graduation, we had agreed to meet up as a group once a year.

As is typical of engineers, during our many get-togethers, the discussions turned into in-depth technical discussions. After many years of discussing our various experiences, and based on our friendship we decided to form our own company. All of us had shared the same vision and ideas since childhood. This had kept us together for many years, and helped form the values of the company we formed.

The creative ideas and thoughts from the group of Carleton University Engineering graduates had let us to form our own data firm to cater to the needs of many enterprises that are out there that are trending towards improved technologies for their enterprise. Our engineers have sat in different roles in leading enterprises, and as a result we have the expertise to cater to the varying needs of an enterprise IT service layer.

We have partnered with like minded companies that has caught the waves of IT transformations from mainframe implementations, SOA implementations and the latest trend of Big Data and Cloud implementations.

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